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Berry Picking

La cueillette de fruits rouges - Chateau de la bussiere

Baskets are available at the entrance to the berry orchard, at the back of the garden. Fill them up, and have them weighed in the gift shop. Imagine those berries in delicious jams, muffins, sorbets, tarts… or simply with a bit of sugar.

Try out this recipe and prepare a lovely raspberry jam:

Rasperry jam

  • For 3 pots (approximately 1/2 lb each):
  • 1,4 lb raspberries
  • 1 lb granulated sugar for jams
  • Preparation 20 mn
  • Cooking 15 mn

Wash the pots and lids. Put them to dry upside down on a clean towel.

Pour the sugar and a big tablespoon of water in a jam pan. Bring to boil and cook until 250°F without getting the sugar mix colored. Once this temperature is reached, put the full raspberries in the sugar syrup. When boiling starts again, remove the scum formed on the surface. Keep cooking on high heat for 7 to 8 mn; mix often and delicately to avoid raspberries sticking to the pan.

Check on the cooking process: some jam put on a cold plate must quickly become static. Remove the pan from fire and skim the raspberry jam carefully. Conclude by mixing a little longer.

As soon as possible, as the jam is still boiling, pour it into the pots: to proceed, settle a large funnel over a pot and fill it with jam using a small ladle. It is particularly important to fill the pots completely, for jam's volume always decreases slightly while cooling down. Screw the lids immediately, then turn over the boiling pots and leave the dough to rest for 24 hours, allowing a natural pasteurization. While filling the pots, keep mixing the jam in the pan, to prevent an unnecessary layer to form on the surface of the cooling jam.

Tip to make a very smooth jam:

Before settling the jam in pots, use a food mill equipped with a thin grating. This will release the seeds' pectin and also set them apart. Then, mix again the seedless jam and put it in the pots as told in the upper text.

You can use the same recipe to obtain blackberry jam.

A recipe from "Loiret et Gourmandises" (Loiret department and Delicacies), Editions Studio Rougereau.

A book written by Fabrice Prochasson, awarded Best Worker in France, bon in Loiret.

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