Drapeau - Chateau de la bussiere Drapeau - Chateau de la bussiere

The Garden

The Lords du Tillet vegetable garden - listed among the French "Remarkable Gardens"

The Garden was created in the 18th century in place of the old vineyard. The walls enclose 1.5 hectares of the same types of fruits, flowers, and vegetables that were grown here long ago.

Old-time vegetables like rutabaga, lentils, and chard have been carefully selected and planted. What would make the best neighbour for a leek? Something that repels flies, mildew, and other harmful things, of course.

Come discover the secrets of our plants and discuss with our chief gardener, who is sure to give you some good tips if you ask nicely.

Forty varieties of pear trees, thirty apple trees, the orchard contains surprising varieties such as “the sugar of Gien” and the “lady’s thigh," the pruned trees shaping up many paths in the garden.

Today, the back of the garden has been transformed into a berry orchard. With 2.5 acres of growing area, the berry patch produces raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants, and a special hybrid berry called the casseille: a product of blackcurrants and redcurrants. During the season, visitors enjoy the opportunity to take home some of the garden’s natural products.

In May 2014, we launched a permaculture project. Two mounds made of wooden logs, branches, straw, manure and some good quality topsoil were built to grow vegetables, flowers, and matching plants. They are planted very close to each other, and the earth is constantly covered with vegetation. Watering and weeding are very restricted.

That particular, sustainable, and challenging way of growing plants not only put us closer to the flora, but also allows a maximized production over a minimal area.

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