Drapeau - Chateau de la bussiere Drapeau - Chateau de la bussiere

Individual Visit

Chateau de la bussiere

What you’ll see in the castle :

  • Ten furnished rooms
  • A unique collection of fresh-water fishing objects
  • The coelacanth: an extraordinary prehistoric fish

In the park, the garden, and the courtyard of the castle :

  • The huts trail nestled in the woods, with an educational game to guide you through
  • The garden, filled with beautiful flowers, fruits, and vegetables
  • Berry picking and the harvesting of seasonal vegetables
  • Giant old-time wooden games
  • Two picnic areas in the park

For kids : activities and games just for them! (and for parents too!)

  • A quiz on the castle and its garden
  • The scavenger hunt in the huts
  • Giant wooden games
  • Wednesday activities during school vacation